The Prayer Ark

Prior to the Prayer Ark, I had never embarked on a long fast before. In fact, I seldom fast hence when I saw the invite, I thought I wouldn’t be able to to do a midnight to 6pm daily fast. I was pleasantly surprised at how GOD supplied the strength and it was a season of me seeing that I am a strong woman in CHRIST. My energy levels are up and I encountered the Divine in an unusual way. Gratef that ceiling was shattered for me.

Mrs N. Lagos.

The Prayer Ark

I thank GOD for the call to prayer on the Prayer Ark. On one of the nights when we were praying with Psalm 91, the morning of that day, a large snake was seen in my home but was killed to the glory of GOD. It almost bit my daughter but for the One who had sent forth His word of deliverance the night before. Glory to the GOD of the Prayer Ark!

Mrs W. Lagos.

The Prayer Ark

I return all the glory to the GOD of the Prayer Ark. On the 4th day of midnight prayers, we prayed a prayer of Help for Capacity, Increase and Expansion. Prior to the said day,  I had been burdened regarding my business and finances and as we prayed that night, by the morning, I got a phone call for a job and the amount that came in as well as the favour I enjoyed to do the job I know came as a result of that night’s prayers and when I shared with the Lead Intercessor, my testimony was also an encouragement to her because of the figure the LORD used to bless me. I saw the hand of GOD in my situation and I return to give GOD thanks 

Mrs A.J. Lagos

The Prayer Ark

I joined in the 21Day prayer on the Prayer Ark and in the course of the prayers, on the second night, the Spirit of the LORD touched on my specific burden for my son and I knew that it was already a case of victory won for my son and I. I give GOD all the glory!

Mrs A. Lagos.

The Prayer Ark

During the 21 days of the Raining Babies prayers, I had tried to get white nightwears based on the instruction that came but I did not get till the last day.  So I just decided or I was led to (as you always say it’s not a coincidence) wear one off-white nightie my dad gave to me years ago. I had not even remembered I had it all this while.

I didn’t usually wear it because it was small for me but yesterday,  I squeezed myself in. When the prayer meeting was going on, you mentioned that you saw people dropping their seeds, meanwhile I had been asking God to direct me concerning it all through the day.  Then just like a flash the amount came right there during the meeting.  It was even a small amount but I sowed it all the same. After the meeting,  after all the banga soup gist  and Thanksgiving,  I slept and in my dream, my hubby and I went to a particular place.

We were told we had to change our clothes and we were given brand new white attires like we had a party.  Mine was a long white gown,  my hubby’s was complete white agbada. Not long after, I felt like vomiting and they were like yes, I needed to vomit. I was given a bowl and I threw up for a very long time that the bowl got full and my hubby had to go bring another.  After that I was taken to another room, this time not with my hubby and I was told to treat myself for infection and also change all my panties.  I argued that I had so many but the lady insisted that I must discard all of them. 

So I accepted and  told her that I will but I will sha wear one of them to the market  when Im going to buy new ones.  She said I must not and that I should even remove the one I was putting on there and then which I did and dropped.  Then I woke up.  I just know that something has happened in the spirit. Infact,  I’m still on my bed in awe of God with this dream. So I had to share it with you and my intercessor asap.

What more can I say than thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us via the raining babies group?  May God take you to greater heights in Jesus’ name.  Thank you so much ma.

Mrs O.J. Lagos