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To the glory of GOD this is the 4th in the blog series and I will never stop thanking GOD for the miracle of the birthing of this blog. One of the recipe that aided this birthing is the topic of gleaning today – Association!

Association with others is GOD’s idea. He knew that man could not survive alone hence created others to be his circle of influence; spouse, helpers, mentors, protegees, parents, business partners and the list is endless. He knew Adam needed a helpmeet hence created Eve. Associations however come in shades of good or bad. Associations can make or mar but the true challenge of how it turns out comes when it is left to chance!

Even though no one got to choose the family into which he/she is born, or as a child the school to attend or the town/city to live in, with the help of GOD, other attendant relationships in life can be deliberately guided through prayers and communion with GOD.

Many a time, we are told, ‘keep good company’; ‘be mindful of the company you keep’ and even the good book corroborates this in 1 Corinthians 15:33 where it is said “Do not be deceived, “Bad company corrupts good morals.” In all of this we need to draw a note of caution not to downplay what only GOD can do for us through our active prayers and sensitivity in this regard. Father Abraham recognised the importance of spousal association hence he sent his trusted servant to go in search of a wife for his son and as this servant prayed for GOD’s guidance, he got the perfect answer to his prayer.

Ordered steps play a major role in our associations with people. This blog becoming a reality and blessing today is as a result of association. I trace it way back to an ordinary encounter with a dear friend turned sister, Mrs Omotayo Fakorede whom I would hereafter refer to as Mrs Faks. Mrs Faks’ children and mine attended the same elementary school at a point in time and that was where a bond was forged. We somehow connected on a deeper level and were soon going out on evangelism drives together. On one of the days when we were preparing to go out, she got into a conversation with another friend of hers who then invited her to the Thriving Business Women’s Fellowship(TBWF) which holds their meeting in the area where we had our evangelism drive. Going to that meeting back in July 2011 resulted in GOD-ordained relationships with my mother, mentor and prophet Pastor Olumayokun Oreofe who in turn connected me with another mentor and blessing, Mrs Audrey Joe-Ezigbo who was the midwife for the birthing of this blog.

Now these are not people I deliberately decided to go after, GOD in His own way orchestrated it! So here’s another dimension to the healthy recipe of association for a glorious life, stop being so calculating in your relationships. Sometimes what glitters isn’t gold! Allow GOD to lead and choose for you! Stop looking at the outward appearances of men to establish a connection with them. Many a time, GOD fashions the beautiful out of the uncomely! Yes, be deliberate about who is in your circle, but let it be GOD-led and Holy Spirit picked!

I pray your associations will be all shades of good blessings ordained by the hands of the Most High! I love and honour you!

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