TEXT: MICAH 2:13 AMP “The breaker [the Messiah, who opens the way] shall go up before them [liberating them]. They will break out, pass through the gate and go out; So their King goes on before them, The LORD at their head.”

Blessings beloved parent-intercessors. Welcome to the second Friday in November 2021. GOD our Father is so good and mindful of our children and today, He wants to establish their breakthroughs, by Himself, He wants to enforce it, bringing each firstborn and by extension their siblings to a place of unhindered victory. For this, our Father deserves all glory, honour and praise and we give Him all He deserves. Glory! Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah!

A breakthrough is a sudden advance or successful development. It happens when one overcomes something and has an achievement. Sometimes, you find yourself working on a project, prospecting for answers or solutions and then as you search, dig, work the works and quest, the answer comes! This is our heart cry today for our firstborns and by extension our other children, that they will not lack nor be denied the breakthroughs they desire, especially as they put in the work in their journeys of life and destiny-fulfilment. 

There are different types of breakthroughs our children need because they are in different seasons and levels in life. Someone’s need could be a financial breakthrough. Another could need a breakthrough for a project, academics, in business or for career advancement. It could also be a next-level-of-life breakthrough. Irrespective of what category of breakthrough our children need, today, we want to cry out to the LORD asking that our firstborns and by extension our other children will be of the stock of people making a difference in and for their world, accomplishing difficult new discoveries in various mountains of influence, making major progress and advancement for the good of the world with answers that overcome significant obstacle as well as coming up with unique innovations.

Let us therefore meditate on and pray with the following scriptures:

Proverbs 28:13 NKJV “He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, But whoever confesses and turns away from his sins will find compassion and mercy.”

Pray: LORD, I come before You today for the life of my firstborn and by extension my other children, have mercy on them. Cause their breakthroughs not to be withheld due to sin or the wickedness of men. Let Your will and promises of breakthrough for each of their lives come to fulfillment in the name of JESUS CHRIST Amen. 

Isaiah 60:1 AMP “Arise [from spiritual depression to a new life], shine [be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the LORD]; for your light has come, And the glory and brilliance of the LORD has risen upon you.

Pray: Father, it is time for the glory and destiny of my firstborn and by extension my other children to rise and shine. It is time for their destinies to be released into their breakthroughs. Father LORD,  I ask that You shine Your glorious light upon my children’s lives, careers, businesses, academics, marriage, etc Cause my children to arise into breakthrough in the name of JESUS CHRIST Amen. 

Isa 54:17 AMP “No weapon that is formed against you will succeed; And every tongue that rises against you in judgment you will condemn. This [peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And this is their vindication from Me,” says the LORD.”

Pray: Father, I come against every arrow and trap of the enemy that is planned and formed against my children’s breakthrough. I ask that You will rise and speak in judgement against such powers in the name of JESUS CHRIST. I ask that every of such plans will be null and void. I declare that my children enjoy peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over every opposition to their breakthrough in the name of JESUS CHRIST Amen. Every accusation of the devil, every ordinance, decree, voice and words that have been spoken against my children’s destinies are erased by the blood of JESUS. I decree that my children overcome and take hold of their breakthroughs by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimonies Amen.

To our duty posts beloved parent-intercessors. May the LORD heed us as we seek His face with our prayers and fasting today Amen. Please remember to pray in the spirit as well as in your understanding as you meditate on and pray with these scriptures, do take time to focus on our theme scripture for today. Let us soak ourselves and all that the LORD has committed to us in these life-giving words. 

See you at the corporate fast breaking meeting at 6pm WAT. Remember your  direct log in link to the Zoom Meeting Room is

I love and honour you!

Let’s all have a blessed weekend!