Find Community!

Hi friends,

Welcome to March! Thanks for turning in here. This is where we come to gain understanding of the things we need to put in place and in proper perspective to enjoy the glorious life Father GOD has for us. Last week, I resumed my blogging schedule and so because I remain committed to following through on my resolve to sharing with you on a weekly basis, I’d like to continue sharing on my journey of growth.

In my last blog, I shared about my growth over goals resolve and the impact the Masterclass on Personal Growth is already having on me. At this Mastermind group, we come together on a weekly basis to share and review one of John Maxwell’s books “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Growth.” Well, this Mastermind group is still firing me up and I’ll be sure to keep sharing the lessons I glean from there with you dear friend!

What fired me up and which is my intent in sharing is the message my Growth Mentor sent on the group when the Month of March debuted. She wrote on the group “I warmly welcome you to the month of March: The beginning of unprecedented growth.” I thought about this and I realized that this is true for me! I am on a journey! We all are on a journey daily but the defining thing after the GOD factor is how deliberate we are and how hungry we are for what we desire. Many times, we desire to change a particular area of our lives but are we intentional enough to focus and commit to getting results? Are we willing to stretch and get out of our comfort zones? Comfort zone is a debilitating factor! It is a killer of growth!

Think about it! To get unprecedented growth requires a number of factors and community is one of it. In my fellow Growth Mastermind students and our mentor Mrs Ope Wemi-Jones, I have found my own community of women who are intentional about making significant progress on the journey of growth.

So permit me to ask you dear friend. Do you have a community of people who have the same goals and desires as you? Have you identified what you need to do and yet you find it difficult to make remarkable progress? I tell you what? Find a community that you can be accountable to one another and together you can undertake the journey and achieve results together.

Friend, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone! It’s time to find your community! I pray the LORD orders your steps just as He ordered mine! I look forward to your testimonies and results. Please feel free to share with me anytime. I toast to your growth and mine already! By GOD’s grace, we will catch up next week Wednesday!

I love and honour you!

Your friend,