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Thanks for turning in here! This is where we come to gain understanding of the things we need to put in place and in proper perspective to enjoy the glorious life Father GOD has for us. Please do ensure you put in your comments. I would love to read your thoughts too!

Today, I’d like to ask: “How are you?” I want you to know that I am asking this question because I want you to ponder and consider truthfully how and where you are currently. Many times, we give the automated answer “I am fine, thank you” when we are in actual fact not fine. Father GOD however wants us to truly be fine, He wants us to live and enjoy the glorious life He has given to us.

Earlier this morning, I had a flash of someone berating himself for doing the unexpected and causing a huge disappointment! Just imagine that you are this person, living less than who you are in CHRIST, imagine you have done unimaginable things, bring to mind the many mistakes you have made, and press the pause button right there! Yes, pause right there and let’s do an exercise together!

At this point, look back, also look inwards. Assess the situation. What do you see? Do you think you are too far gone down the lane and feel things can’t be made better hence feel like giving up and ending it all? Or, do you see a ray of hope lining the horizon such that you see the arms of the Father stretched out lovingly towards you, beckoning you to return to Him for reconciliation?

Just in case you don’t even see or aren’t able to evaluate the true state of things because of how broken or hurt you are, hear the word of the LORD to you today: Get up…dust off…forge ahead!

Yes, you messed up badly. Yes, your mistakes are grievous, nevertheless GOD doesn’t condemn you. He doesn’t condemn me. All He asks of us is to go and sin no more! Do not allow the lies of the enemy to hold you bound to the past! Do not condemn yourself for the Father doesn’t condemn you! Like the thief on the cross, He extends grace to you! Like the woman caught in adultery, He doesn’t count your record of wrongs but is willing to come to your defence by shutting the mouth of your accusers!

So what have you done or what has happened to you to warrant you entertaining suicidal thoughts my friend? No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And GOD is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it! This word is coming to you today as a way out! Do you feel like throwing in the towel? What do you think you are entangled in that you can’t seem to be free? Scripture says in John 8:36, “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed!” Halleluyah!

Hear the word of the LORD beloved:
get up… from every fall
dust off… every filth that is on you
forge ahead… there is a new life for you in CHRIST JESUS! There is true and liberating freedom for you in CHRIST JESUS!

Be encouraged dear friend! JESUS cares and so do I. Don’t forget to drop me a line. You can reach me privately on [email protected] should you require a listening ear and caring heart.

I love and honour you!

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