Hello friend! Thanks for turning in here! This is where we come to gain understanding of the things we need to put in place and in proper perspective in order for us to enjoy the glorious life Father GOD has for us. Please do ensure you put in your comments. I would love to read your thoughts and learn from you too.

I have noticed that people love to identify with success and greatness. We must however not forget that everything that has grown big started as a little seed. Apple Inc. being the big corporation that it is now started with uncomeliness in a garage but today, it is a world-renowned establishment. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both worked hard at building the company from scratch and today, the dream and efforts of two young people paid off and is in fact outliving them!

Beloved, what is your little beginning? What is it that GOD has committed into your hands and into my hands that we are wishing and longing for it to become big? We must know that every sustainable project takes hard work, consistency and commitment to making things work and not giving up in the face of adversity or challenges. Besides, who says we have to go it alone? For as long as we are willing to give GOD the reins of control, for as long as we are willing and yielded to following the Father’s leading, we are sure to get to our expected good end. Slowly but surely, our little beginnings will get transformed by the breath of the Almighty.

Don’t overthink this dear friend! We have an assurance from our Father through His words in Job 8:7-9  “Though your beginning may be small, yet your latter end would greatly increase.” Consider also the butterfly’s life cycle and be encouraged by it. From being an ordinary egg, it proceeds to becoming a larva, then a pupa before finally transitioning to becoming an adult butterfly. Everything must go through due process my friend, hence don’t be in a hurry to circumvent your process. When you look at the butterfly in its full blown adult stage, you cant but admire its beauty, but have you seen it as a caterpillar? It’s not a pretty sight! However, in a matter of time, its transformation comes to its full and complete cycle and people behold its glory.

The same way, as you and I embrace our little beginnings and give it our best, in a little while, we will begin to see the transforming hand of GOD over our lives and those situations that seem overwhelming now. Don’t forget, its from little things that big things come forth. Dust up your small self friend, let the greatness in you come forth!

My prayer for you and I is that before our eyes, our little beginnings will grow into greatness in all areas of our lives – family, career progression, business and/or ministry growth and any area of life that needs to be transformed. May the breath of the Father come upon our little beginnings and bring us to the expected end of greatness Amen and Amen.

Keep pushing! Keep growing! I love and honour you!

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