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Thanks for turning in here! This is where we come to gain understanding of the things we need to put in place and in proper perspective to enjoy the glorious life Father GOD has for us. Please do ensure you put in your comments. I would love to read your thoughts too!

As the showers pour where I am this morning I couldn’t but look inwards and see the many wonders of our Father as I looked up and couldn’t see any opening in the clouds through which the raindrops were released and I marveled at the greatness of GOD. I looked around and saw a flurry of different activities around me. I saw a mother with her baby well covered from the cold and rain, strapped to her back, motorcycle riders kitted in their raincoats and ponchos, determinedly going about their business of lifting their clients to their destinations for a fee were also strewn about. I saw men and women in their cars refusing to let the rain deter them from getting to their places of business and livelihood, some like me had their children in their vehicles, hurrying to drop their children in their schools and then head off to work. One thing was common to everyone: each one was moving towards achieving a goal, each one was determined not to be stopped by the downpours!

These got me thinking in light of my personal bible study for today. Permit me to share a bit of my thoughts with you.

Can you and I look inwards and see where we have erred and retrace our steps back to our Father? Can we use this day that is sure to reduce unnecessary movement, (pedestrian and vehicular) to set our records with the Father straight? Can we make this move determined not to let anything or anyone stop us? In Luke 15 is the parable of the lost son as told by our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Though he had squandered his opportunity and inheritance, when he came to himself, he promptly retraced his steps back to his father in humility and sobriety of heart and his father’s heart and arms were waiting to receive him in a warm embrace.

Today, as you and I gain the opportunity to soberly reflect on our lives, let us do a real and truthful check of where we are with the Father. Let us look back like the prodigal son and gain the right perspectives towards where we are in life and make amends where necessary, not only with the Father now but also in the different facets of our lives.

What do you need to correct? What do I need to make good? Beloved, its the time, day and season to look back and gain perspective! Don’t worry as you return, the Father already awaits you with open arms. When you have been accepted back, do well to show grace to others too.

Have a super-duper day of abundant showers of blessings in all areas of life. I love and honour you!

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  1. Olubunmi Sopitan

    Well done for the great works Revd!!!

  2. Oluseye Ashiru

    Lord, help me to see my true state with you, so I can mend my ways wherever I need to.

  3. Wealthycrown

    The grace to will (knowing one has erred and wanting to do the right thing) and to do (to actually turn back) God release it upon us all.

    1. A resounding Amen to your prayer dear Wealthy Crown. Thanks for turning in here!

  4. Lizzy Ola

    Lord put your search light into me and show me the way I should go.

    1. I join NY voice to yours to say Amen to your prayer dear Sis Liz Ola. Thanks for turning in here!

  5. Naomi

    Thank you Lord for the privilege to retrace my steps and follow you.

    1. Indeed! All thanks belong to GOD dear Sis Naomi. Thanks for turning in here!

  6. Like

    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

    1. Thank you more for your words of encouragement dear Like. Thanks for turning in here!

  7. Omowumi Laditi

    Father give me grace to see myself and help me oh Lord to do the needful per time !!!! .welldone Rev.

    1. Amen and Amen. Thank you so much ma’am. Appreciate you. Thanks for turning in here!

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