Welcome and happy new year 2021! Here is where we come to to glean essential truths for purposeful living. Please be sure to drop your comments as you share your thoughts with me and others in the community.

The outgone year 2020 has been a very unique year and I am grateful (just as I know you are) that we came out triumphant over it and I am assured that this present year 2021, our results will be even more amazing. Yes! We can expect the best because we are no ordinary citizens. We are sons and daughters of the King! As one who carries the DNA of the King of kings, when others are saying there is a casting down, we are declaring a lifting because there is no lack but great abundance in our Father’s palace! Whoop! Whoop!

Dear friend, in this first blog of 2021, I bring you good news! Will you hear GOD through my words? Howsoever your previous year(s) has been, be encouraged! The new year comes calling with glad tidings! It is a new day in a very much new year hence I encourage you to let your heart catch an encouraging and beautiful picture of what the year can and will deliver to you from the word and promise of GOD. Afterall, scripture says in Proverbs 23:7 “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

For me, 2021 is a year of light and purity where I will receive counsel from GOD like never before and His glory will be seen as it radiates through my life. Father GOD wants me to shine my light in the purest and simplest ways possible and that is what I intend to do, so help me GOD!

Dear friend, what is GOD requiring of you in 2021? As you come to the realization and understanding of what that is, may every trap, hindrance and distraction be removed from your path of accomplishment of these purposes in GOD Amen.

Father GOD is indeed causing all things to become new! Can you see it?

Welcome to 2021 of great possibilities and accomplishments in GOD! I love and honour you!

Your friend,


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  1. Grace

    Honestly, I started this year with so much questions of what and what can I make out of my life. Too much things to do, but am trusting the Lord to be my light and compass as God help me to obey one day at a time.
    If anyone is confused as I am, there is an assurance that we got a Father who got our backs, just take it one day at a time as His light shines in us.

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