TEXT: PSALM 23:6 “Surely Your goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

Blessings beloved parent-intercessors. Welcome to the second Friday of March. We continue today in our quest of interceding for our nation Nigeria not just by our prayers but also with our fast and abstinence.

What better time than now to come before the Father, intervening on behalf of our nation, calling to our Father on the aegis of His mercy. The Gubernatorial elections which were to have held tomorrow have been pushed forward by a week. While we continue to prepare for this main event, we keep on seeking GOD’s face.

Our GOD is faithful as He answered our prayers over the presidential election that held last weekend. We thank GOD for helping us through that process. Even though there are some things embroiled in it, we thank our Father for His sustaining grace over us as a nation and people.

The mercy of GOD is His compassion or forgiveness shown towards us when it is within His power to punish us yet He refrains from dealing us a bad hand. Our GOD is a truly merciful GOD and we want to bring our nation Nigeria before Him. We have greatly sinned as a nation and a people and only the mercy of GOD can deliver us so that we can birth a new and desirable nation and people.

As intercessors today, let us imagine ourselves like the mother of the Zebedee brothers whose mother brought a request on their behalf to JESUS despite that the brothers themselves were direct disciples of JESUS and had access to Him. The body of CHRIST in Nigeria is doing so much via different platforms but I know that as we also lend our voices to the spiritual discourse of Nigeria, GOD will show us the mercy we ask for, after all He said we should ask and we’ll receive!

Therefore, I want us to ask Abba for generational, unending mercy for Nigeria. That from this season that a palpable change is in the air, the LORD will show us His mercy and right the many wrongs in the land. There has been so much rot and decadence in our land and only the mercy of GOD can bring us to that place of answered prayers for our land and her people. So we want to ask Abba to show us mercy as a people and to wipe out every negative generational pattern that is presently seen in and over Nigeria.

Our key text for meditation and prayers today is

Psalm 23:6
“Surely your goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

As we ask for mercy today so that our nation can become free of the shackles that had held her bound hence continue to be recipients of GOD’s Mercy unendingly, let us continue to declare Psalm 23:6 over her: SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY SHALL FOLLOW NIGERIA ALL THE DAYS AHEAD OF HER.

As we go through our day, let us please ensure we declare Psalm 23:6 over Nigeria. GOD’S ways are simple and mysterious. By this key He has given us today, we will be strengthening and fortifying our nation’s destiny, causing her to triumph over everything that had been preventing her from accessing the mercy of GOD and men before now.

Let us be sensitive today more than ever! Let us remain committed more than ever to this intercession.

To our duty posts beloved parent-intercessors. May the LORD heed us as we seek His face with our prayers and fasting today Amen. Please remember to pray in the spirit as well as in your understanding as you meditate on and pray with today’s scripture. Let us soak ourselves and all that the LORD has committed to us in these life-giving words.
See you at the corporate fast breaking meeting at 6pm WAT.

Remember your direct log in link to the Zoom Meeting Room is bit.ly/FastFridayFirstbornPrayers.

I love and honour you!

Let’s all have a blessed weekend!

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