Hi friends,

Thank GOD it’s Wednesday! Thank you for turning in here. This is where we come to gain understanding of the things we need to put in place and in proper perspective to enjoy the glorious life Father GOD has for us. So grateful that I am able to drop today’s blogpost. You see, discipline, commitment and consistency doesn’t come easy or cheap so here is me celebrating you dear friend if you have been able to put these three under your belt! If you are still work in progress regarding these, don’t fret! Growth is a never-ending journey, you can get on track and get started already!

Remember 2020 is all about our journey of growth? In the few weeks ahead, I will be interviewing some of my growth buddies from my growth masterclass and I will be sharing their personal gleaning and experiences in the course of the weeks ahead. It sure will be insightful as these are all shades of amazing women. It will be juicy times ahead in the course of the next eight weeks or so. Ensure you don’t miss out on any week. I’m sure there’s loads you can also share with me on your journey of growth dear friend. Please feel free to leave your story of growth in the comment section. I will be so glad to read and learn from you too.

Growth is a never-ending journey for the one who is a life-long learner. So my Mastermind group on growth rounds up physical interactive sessions today after five weeks of pouring into one another, sharing real-life experiences and perspectives on our learning resource[The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell], encouraging and helping each other make sense of knotty issues and proffering solutions to one another and generally just lending ears to one another. So glad we have a virtual platform where we can keep the convos going! I sure am going to miss the physical times these ladies and I had to come together because there’s nothing like truly connecting. Grateful for the gift of these women in my life. We sure have challenged and encouraged one another to be better versions of ourselves and we are holding ourselves accountable too! We are not taking no for an answer in ensuring we smash all our goals this year. We want to work on having a 20/20 scorecard, and yes we can!

In the course of the past five weeks, I have been motivated, gained clarity, learnt discipline, commitment, consistency, planning, intentionality, amidst several other good traits. I also have learnt to stretch my capacity. Of a truth, because I committed to spending this time on my personal growth in the company and with the aid of these women, I am fired up to keep learning, growing and improving on becoming a better me. This can be your resolve and action too dear friend. Thinking on taking that journey of personal growth and development? Don’t wait a day longer! Commit to taking action! Like I learnt in class via our resource, Do it now!

Above all, as you take the necessary steps dear friend, here’s my prayer for you: May you find the right community for you! Together, may your quest and journey of growth be life-changing-amen.

I toast to your growth and mine always. Let’s catch up next week again to share! You don’t want to miss the gleanings from my very first guest! 

I love and honour you!

Your friend,

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  1. Olugola Bukola

    Hummm! Thanks for this. I got three powerful points here that really ministered to me. Discipline, commitment and consistency. Once again, thank you.

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