Hi friends,

Welcome to another Wednesday where we share and grow together. Thank you for turning in here. This is where we come to gain understanding of the things we need to put in place and proper perspective to enjoy the glorious life that Father GOD has for us.

Yes! I’ve been on a journey of growth and one thing that stands out for me this week as I reminisced on my itinerary in the past six weeks is the intentionality of the growth process. Without a conscious effort on one’s part, it is very easy to give up or miss out on the import of the journey and process.

When I took the decision to be a part of the Mastermind Class on Growth chaired by my dear Growth Mentor, Mrs Ope Wemi-Jones, it took intentionality for the weekly discipline of reading and reviews. Same also for the weekly drive down for the physical once a week interactive sessions. Most intentional is the action of taking and being intentional with the use of all the nuggets gained in the course of that six weeks of growth and learning. So, the journey of intentionality with growth is on for me, in fact, I can say that it is a lifelong process.

Remember we are in this together? Let me then ask you dear friend, what area of life do you need intentionality in to grow? Is it in your finances, weight loss regimen, relationships or business? Perhaps it is in some other area not mentioned here. Whatever area of life that is your core to work on, as you become more intentional with paying attention to it, you will begin to see that change, progress and result you desire. As long as you remain committed and intentional about the trajectory you desire, you will surely see yourself becoming the picture of you that you desire.

Dear friend, let me leave you with this encouragement: Be intentional! Stay intentional! I toast to your growth and mine! I’ll catch up with you next week as I share from the eyes, heart and perspective of one of my growth buddies. Anticipate that!

I love and honour you!

Your friend,


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  1. Tinuke Tubi

    Awesome!!! Growth begins on the inside of you. No fears no shame, no carrying of the past, face the now and move to the future!!!! Growth is intentional..

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