WORD PARFAIT…healthy recipes for a glorious life.


Hello friends! Thanks for turning in here! This is where we come to gain understanding of the things we need to put in place and in proper perspective to enjoy the glorious life Father GOD has for us. Pleas do ensure you put in your comments. I would love to read your thoughts too!

Lately, especially since the new year started, I have been having serious malfunction issues with all my devices. This has seriously affected my output hence I have been on a journey of patience because it takes three times or more the time needed to accomplish any basic task on any of the devices. As it is, there is currently no room in my budget to accommodate any major expenditure hence this recent dilemma has taken me on a special course and journey with the Lord.

This new year dear friend, in this 17th blog, GOD’s recipe to live the glorious life you and I desire is #QuietnessInAndWithGod! It is in the place of quietness that clarity, instructions and solutions come! Whatever you envisage for your new year, family, career, ministry, business or enterprise, you will only be able to get a clear blueprint as you quieten your spirit man in order to hear from the LORD!

Beloved, my charge to you and to myself also is to remember not to let activity overtake us this new year and season. Scripture says in Isaiah 30:15 “in quietness and confidence lies your strength.” So, embrace times of solitude and quietness with GOD this new year.

My prayer for you and I is that as we seek GOD’s face and voice, may His presence go with us into the new year and into all we have planned and may we have rest on every side +Amen.

Keep basking in GOD’s presence. I love and honour you