Blessings beloved!


Welcome to another glorious day that Father GOD has brought us into privilegely. This 24th day of April, we join the twenty and four elders in heaven to bring glory honour and thanksgiving to GOD with grateful hearts and outstretched hands.


Here is what to meditate on today:

What would you do differently today if you knew that despite the challenges you are currently going through, your future- precisely your retirement years is beautiful, glamorous, impactful, joy and celebration-full? Yes! That is the picture I saw of you! This “you” is currently someone who feels life has not been fair to him/her, this someone feels currently disadvantaged and you feel everyone around you has it better! Listen! GOD is speaking to you this day! He says where you have been forsaken, He your Father will make you an eternal excellence, a joy of many generations! Pause! Ponder! Delve into that word! Let it renew your mind,  thinking and perspectives and put a spring in your steps! Let it change your thought process and your conversations! Let it change your declarations and attitude to life! 


Hey! Ask GOD to open your eyes to see the real you that He made! Stop living in despair! Rise up! Gird up! There are treasures in you waiting to be discovered! There is so much on the inside of you to be unwrapped! You are a gift to your world! You are needed for all to augur well with the world! Arise! Shine your light! Deploy the gifts in you! 








I pray an understanding heart and an opening of eyes for you beloved to catch the rhema of this word and as surely as the LORD and His Spirit lives, there shall be a performance of this word in your life +Amen!?


It’s a beautifully blessed Tuesday dear family  and friends in righteousness! I love and honour you all! ??



Kindly share so that this gets to someone out there whose word this is. #ThankYou! ?

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